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Keeping the torch of learning burning


Darwell School strives to build successful, lifelong independent thinkers and learners.  Working with our community, our school provides a safe and caring environment which values high expectations for staff and students.

Educating respectful citizens for today and tomorrow


Darwell School

Darwell School is a small K-7 school in picturesque rural Alberta, located 85 kilometers west of Edmonton.  Darwell students are challenged to excel in every aspect of their school life.  Our students shine due to the commitment of the student, staff, parents, and community.  The small homey atmosphere is a definite attraction in this bright, welcoming facility.
Darwell offers all of it's students an opportunity to excel as individuals.  Individual attention is paid to students to meet their needs in all areas.  This small rural school fosters the growth of the students by stimulating their interest in each area of the curriculum.  The dedicated staff strives to incorporate innovation into learning, thereby making it more meaningful.  We do this by:

  • Sports Teams
  • School Choir for grades 3-7
  • Hot lunch and Tuck
  • Grade 6 outdoor education
  • Ski programs
  • House leagues
  • Public Speaking
  • Guest speakers/presentations
  • Celebrate Success Assemblies