May's Community Events


Please find attached the information for the Lac Ste. Anne County Parent Link programs for May.


Please note these registration deadlines;

  • April 29 deadline for All Stressed Up & Nowhere to Go on May 2
  • May 3 deadline for Sangudo We are Building a Birdhouse on May 4
  • May 8 deadline for Onoway The Guy and I are Building a Birdhouse on May 11
  • May 14 deadline for Triple P Dealing with Disobedience on May 15
  • May 21 deadline for Triple P Managing Fighting and Aggression on May 22


All Stressed Up May 2019 (1)

Baby Network May 2019

Birdhouse Building Sangudo May 4 2019

Guy I Birdhouse Building May 11, 2019

Newsletter May 2019

Sangudo Stay Play May 2019

Stay Play Onoway May 2019

Triple P Managing Fighting Aggression May 2019

Spring Into Summer Alberta Beach May 24, 2019

Triple P Dealing With Disobedience May 2019